Yoga Nidra and  Sound Wellness in Education 

Midford Road Nursery

The effects of stress on the body and mind are well documented.  As a primary school teacher, I saw first hand the results of stress on the children I worked with and also my colleagues.  The work I share helps to combat stress and aid relaxation.  It helps young children to work on their listening skills and promotes cooperation, creativity and imagination.  It helps with sleep disorders, anxiety and a host of other conditions.  


I share my work in educational settings from nursery to university level, with staff and children.  Sessions are tailored to suit the needs of the participants. 

Contact me to find out what yoga nidra and sound wellness can add to your setting.



Bath Spa University


What the adults said about my sessions.

"Lovely attitude and very thoughtful towards all the children.  Lovely inclusion of all their ideas."


What the children said about my sessions.

"I felt good."

"I felt happy."

"It made me feel calm."